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Python Crash Course: Mastering Python Quickly

Learn how to write Python code in a bit more than an hour in one Python crash course with all the crucial essentials
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You'll learn to write code with Python 3.7 the right way
You'll gain a proper understanding of the crucial Python concepts for beginners
You'll also learn more complex Intermediate level Python concepts very quickly

Are you ready to pick the essential Python concepts in one place? This Python crash course is intended to take as little time as possible for you to get the beginner knowledge, and even go beyond that. Take a single course to start coding with Python 3.7 the right way in a bit more than one hour. Sounds perfect? Read on to learn more about the course!

Why is it worth taking the Python crash course?

A short Python online course is enough for a beginner to grasp the essential concepts and learn how to write Python code. But why is it worth learning Python in the first place?

Programmers value Python for many reasons. It’s an open-source, high-level, structured programming language used in an extensive scope of applications from system administration, web and game development, to processing the big data, and anything in between. NASA has adopted Python as a standard scripting language in its integrated planning system. Google trusts Python at implementing many components of its search engine and web crawler. Yahoo! uses it to manage discussion groups. Large community, variety of frameworks, availability to use it on all platforms, simple syntax, quick prototyping – these are but a few advantages of Python and reasons why you should reserve a bit of your time for a Python crash course. The skills you'll learn are highly in demand, and the industry shows no signs of changing in that respect any time soon.

What benefits will you take from this Python online course?

This Python crash course is designed to help you understand how to write Python code as quickly as possible. You’ll study three sections of material on the core Python concepts:

  • Section 1 will deal with the essentials. You’ll get a proper introduction to Python, go over the installation process of Python 3.7, and then start learning about values and variables. In this part, you’ll also find out how strings, quotes, lists, and methods work in Python.
  • In section 2, you’ll dig deeper into what I call ‘Beyond the beginning’ and learn more aspects of Python. These will include Tuples, types of numbering and importing random, types of operators. I’ll also give a clear explanation of conditional statements for a test, while loops, user functions, standard library built-in functions, and other concepts of similar complexity.
  • Section 3 of this Python online course is aiming even higher. Here you will learn another set of Python concepts dealing with functional programming with lambda, classes and objects, types of modules, try and except handling, and other similar functions that will help you get a solid foundation to write code with Python.
Learn without much effort

This course is organized in short, clear, and straight-to-the-point lessons. They will help you to understand the crucial Python concepts one by one with clearly delivered examples. My experience both in programming and teaching allows providing high-level content into this Python crash course. I hope you’ll find it truly contributing to your success while learning the essentials of Python. Best of luck, and see you in class!

Python Crash Course: Mastering Python Quickly
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