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Simple and Extensive Python 3 Tutorial: Learn Python Basics From Scratch

Learn Python 3 with this course: get to know the basic syntax, Python data types and start your developer career!
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Setting up Python on your computer
Python basics: how to use various data types and functions
Logging infrastructure
Working with UnitTest and Pytest

This Python 3 tutorial is not only straightforward and easy for beginners but will also give you a full understanding of how Python 3 functions. The 3rd Python version is the newest, so you can be sure that you will be learning Python data types and functions that are still relevant in today’s programming and testing.

Why should you learn Python 3?

Python is quite a popular programming language, mainly because of its simplicity and versatility. Once you finish this Python 3 tutorial, you can use Python basics to try your hand in areas such as:

  • Web-development: one example for a website that was written in Python could be YouTube;
  • Machine learning: Python allows us to write specific queries that can help computers learn pattern-matching;
  • Making bots: various assistance bots are built with Python as the language is excellent for automating tasks, replies;
  • Data analysis: some of Python libraries are even dedicated to helping people organize, clean and analyze large amounts of data;
  • Game development: since the programming language is so easy, you can use Python to create simple and complex games.

But probably an even bigger reason why you should start to learn Python 3 is that it’s so easy. In ~11 hours, after this Python 3 tutorial, you will know pretty much all of the basics of the language, and you’ll be able to move on to more advanced projects.

Learning Python basics

This course is split into different sections to help you learn Python step by step. You will start by learning how to download Python and set up your computer so that you can start coding.

Once everything is set up, you will move on to the basics:

  • Everything starts with Python data types: you have to learn what is used when and what kind of data you can manipulate to get the results you want. Once you breeze through the basic data types, you will get to know the advanced ones as well.
  • The next step of this Python 3 tutorial is explaining various operators. You can use comparison and conditional operators to set up multiple rules, loops that can help you create further programs. Of course, the loops will also be explained and showed.
  • A big part of Python basics is also understanding the methods and classes which you can use to create your specific methods later on.
  • Bugs and errors happen to everyone: so here you will also learn how to handle various exceptions.
  • After learning to use files and modules, all that is left is logging infrastructure.

Everything listed is explained clearly while using video screencast. You will also get code files to work on, and in some cases, you will get homework to learn Python 3 further practically.


Testing with Python 3: tutorial

After you get Python basics, you will also be able to learn how to use Python for testing. In this course, two tools are presented:

  • UnitTest: used mostly for unit testing. That is an evaluation of software platform units, whether they work correctly under specific conditions.
  • Pytest: used mostly for simple API testing, but it can be scaled up to test more complex databases and user interfaces.

Learn to use these frameworks, and you will have a significant advantage against other beginner Python developers.

From Python basics to using Python for testing: this Python 3 tutorial will help you excel once you put in the hours. Start now!

Simple and Extensive Python 3 Tutorial: Learn Python Basics From Scratch
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