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Programming for Data Science with Python

Prepare for a data science career by learning the fundamental data programming tools: Python, SQL, and more. Learn online with Udacity.
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  • Why should I enroll?
    The Programming for Data Science with Python Nanodegree program offers you the opportunity to learn the most important programming languages used by data scientists today. Get your start into the fascinating field of data science and learn Python, SQL, terminal, and git with the help of experienced instructors.
  • What jobs will this program prepare me for?
    This is an introductory program that is not designed to prepare you for a specific job. However, as a graduate of this program, you will be proficient in the programming skills used in many data analysis and data science roles, including Python, SQL, Terminal, and Git.
  • How do I know if this program is right for me?
    If you are interested in taking the first step into the field of Data Science, this course is for you. This course will quickly teach you the foundational data science programming tools (Python, SQL, Git). This course requires no pre-requisite knowledge so you can get started now. Having mastered these in demand tools you will be able to tackle real world data analysis problems.
    Learning to program Python and SQL, the main programing languages used by data scientists and analysts, is the core of this program. If you decide to take the Programming for Data Science with Python, you’ll also learn specialized data libraries for Python including Pandas and Numpy, and use Git and the Terminal to share your work and learn about version control. By learning these foundational programming skills, you will be ready to advance your career in data.
  • What is the difference between the Python track and the R track?
    We offer two tracks to this program, one teaching Python and one teaching R. These are both popular among data scientists. You can enroll in one or the other, not both.
    Both tracks cover the same fundamental concepts, but use a different programming language. The SQL, command line, and Git curriculum is the same in both tracks. This includes the first and third projects, which are the same between the two tracks.
    The programming course and project are different between the two tracks. One course relies on Python, while the other relies on R. The projects for the two courses rely on the same dataset and skills, but they differ in the approach and final deliverable.
  • What is the School of Data Science, and how do I know which program to choose?
    Udacity’s School of Data consists of several different Nanodegree programs, each of which offers the opportunity to build data skills, and advance your career. These programs are organized around career roles like Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer.

    The School of Data currently offers three clearly-defined career paths in Business Analytics, Data Science, and Data Engineering. Whether you are just getting started in data, are looking to augment your existing skill set with in-demand data skills, or intend to pursue advanced studies and career roles, Udacity’s School of Data has the right path for you! Visit to learn more.
Programming for Data Science with Python
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