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PRO Trading with Technical analysis in 2020

Master Trading with technical analysis. Trade Bitcoin/Stock market/Forex with professional trading strategies
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How to trade with an EDGE
Professional trading strategies
How to be profitable in trading

Let me give you a few facts:

All traders start with the dream to get rich quick
40% trade only for one month
80% quit within the first 2 years
Only 7% remain after 5 years
1% of all traders can profit net of fees
What does that all mean?

It means that only 1% of the people in this business are actually making money... Picture this data as a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid is this 1% and all the people below (99%) are actually losing money. The 1% on the top are not there by accident. They invested a lot of time and capital to master this skill. Trading is NOT a "get rich quick opportunity" ... this is a LIE that is being used because it SELLS. Everyone searches for the easy and fast success without efforts so salesmen are very aware of that fact so this is why they use it. Trading is actually a get poor quickly opportunity for most of the people!





Are you losing money in the markets ? Are you tired of that?
In learning to trade we all pay, some pay teachers to cut down the learning curve and most pay far more in losses by attempting to learn on their own.

Do you want to learn how to Trade like the top 1% do?
You cannot use tools/techniques/strategies invented decades ago in the same way that most people are using it today and to expect the market to Reward that!




In this course I will teach you how to Trade with an edge! This is what the top 1% are doing. They simply have an edge!




You will Master:


The psychological side of trading
Chart patterns
Market phases
Support and resistance
Supply and Demand zones
Market structure
Moving averages



You will also learn:


1 complete trading strategy with Stochastic
1 complete trading strategy with Moving averages and Heiken ashi candles
3 complete trading strategies with RSI
2 Complete trading strategies with MACD
1 Complete trading strategies with exponential moving averages
Risk management system

PRO Trading with Technical analysis in 2020
$ 9.99
per course
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