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PRINCE2 Training for Beginners: Become a Better Manager

Learn the principles and phases of the PRINCE2 project management and improve your managing skills
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How to describe the characteristics of a project; acknowledge the differences between projects and programs
The key concepts relating to projects and PRINCE2
The structure of PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 principles, themes and processes
Prepare you for a potential Foundation and/or Practitioner level qualification in PRINCE2® Project Management
Eligible for 5 Category - C PDUs or CPDs

Project managers have a vital role in companies. They need to distribute resources according to the current pressing needs, be fair, strict, but still maintain a friendly work environment. Juggling all responsibilities is challenging. Therefore, we offer PRINCE2 training, during which you will learn the best practices for project management. 

PRINCE2 project management is a popular model, practiced globally both in government organizations and in the private sector. The creation of PRINCE2 involved contributions from thousands of project management specialists that shared their long-term experience. 

If you are interested in improving your management skills or have just started playing the role of a manager, this course will be perfect for your growth. After completing this PRINCE2 course, you will be able to pass the certification exam to become a real PRINCE2 specialist. 

Make project management more effective with PRINCE2

This PRINCE2 training means that you follow a process-based, step-by-step approach. One of the main concepts of this model is dividing your project into several phases to ensure the systematic development of the project. 

Additionally, PRINCE2 project management suggests that teams should always prove the importance of their project. For instance, they should be able to define the advantages of the task, the necessity, the demand from the target audience, and the cost. If these assessments fit the policy of a company, the team shall begin fulfilling the ideas of the project. 

During this process, managers should not forget to give some time for colleagues to learn from their experience in every step.  Additionally, managers should divide the responsibilities to their team members. Make sure that everyone recognizes their tasks, and are focused on quality assessment. 

These are only the seven principles of PRINCE2 training. In this course, you will also learn the seven phases and themes of this model. To get you motivated to learn PRINCE2, here are the stages that are recommended for project management: 

  • Start-up. 
  • Directing.
  • Initiation.
  • Controlling.
  • Managing Product Delivery. 
  • Managing Stage Boundaries. 
  • Closing. 
What will you find in this course? 

In this PRINCE2 training, we will show how the PRINCE2 model has evolved over the years and how it managed to stay relevant. Choosing to learn PRINCE2 is a decision beneficial for anyone. The model is not oriented to specific types of projects but can help develop and nurture project management for any program. 

Therefore, it does not matter if you are a designer that needs to select the interior for a building or a busy translator that needs to check the deadlines and communicate with clients. Any manager will find this PRINCE2 course useful in one way or another. 

So, by starting this PRINCE2 training, you will become a more successful manager for your team. We also want to emphasize that this model is not strict: people can modify it to suit their needs, but it is an excellent foundation for starting to build the system that works for you and your company. 

PRINCE2 Training for Beginners: Become a Better Manager
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