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PMP Exam Prep : 5 Full PMP Exams (100 Questions & Answers)

Project Management Professional (PMP Exam Prep) : 5 full high real PMP Exams
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Final push to prepare to pass the PMP exam
Evaluate yourself with 5 Practice Tests Papers of PMP Exam

Almost all PMP exam questions are scenarios, which will test your ability to choose the best answer. The 4 mock exams in this course are mostly scenarios and are formatted just like the actual exam. They will test your skills and knowledge of selecting the best answer. All questions comes with a detail explanations of why a choice was correct and why the others were wrong.

The content of this course includes but not limited to:

  • 5 full high-quality real PMP Exams, questions has designed as you will see in the real PMP exam.

  • Each Exam consists of 20 questions to be answered within 1/2 hours.

  • If you score more than 61% in the Practice Tests, then you have a very good chance to Pass easily the Real PMP Exam.

Overall we are going to solve 100 questions in this course . You will find the answer and a detailed explanation for every question.

This course target all project managers, engineers and project directors who want to boost their careers if fields like construction, IT, mecanical engineering and so on.

The key benefits of the course:

  • The course contains a large number of questions (100 questions)

  • Every answer has its own explanation based on the PMBOK guide 6 edition and agile practice guide

  • this course contains questions and answers about agile methodology.

  • You can participate in the PMP exam new version of 2021 because you have the chance to solve questions about waterfall methodology and agile methodology.

  • The course covers the classical ideas of the real exam like: change request, communication management plan, conflict management, risk response strategies and type of contracts.

  • The price of the course is low in comparison with other courses

PMP Exam Prep : 5 Full PMP Exams (100 Questions & Answers)
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