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PMP Exam Full Foundation 2021 (To take before exam practice)

Based on the the book "Project Management - A Quick Reference Guide"
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Improved project management skills
A full understanding of Project Management terminology and concepts
Get a head start in passing the PMP exam, as all of this is based on the latest PMBOK.
Receive the ebook “Project Management - A Quick Guide” currently on sale for Amazon.

You’ve been asked to manage project. You appreciate the vote of confidence, and are determined to do good job. At the same time, you have heard that as many as 60 percent of projects are unsuccessful. Where do you begin? How do I organize the work? How do create a schedule and budget? How do I keep the team members excited – when they have so many different pressures on them. 

This course is set up for you to get quickly up to speed with project management terminology, and give you the confidence to manage your projects more effectively.  This course helps you avoid common mistakes. But I can’t make you perfect!

In 60 different topics we will cover all the fundamentals of project management. We start from the basics, and cover the people involved, the initiation stage, the planning stage, the execution phase and the closing phase.  

Each of the topics is explained in a 1 to 2 minute session. Covering the project management fundamentals (Basics, Initiation, planning, Execution, Closing. No-nonsense and straight to the point. Together there is over 2 hours of content and quizzes.

It will give you the full foundational understanding of project management.  This will help you to become a better project manager, as well as studying more effectively for the PMP Exam. 

PMP Exam Full Foundation 2021 (To take before exam practice)
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