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PMP 6ª Edition, Mock exams (2021)

Practice for PMBOK 6ª Edition
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Practice for your certification exam for PMP, PMBOK 6ª Edition

Practice for your certification exam for PMP, PMBOK 6ª Edition

Over more than 200 questions for you to practice for the certification exam

More than 5 mock exams for you to try

Practice before the real exam

PMBOK 6ª Edition!

Be an expert on PMBOK 6ª Edition!

Practice for your certification exam for PMP, PMBOK 6ª Edition

PMP PMP (Project Management Professional) is the most internationally recognized certification.

If you are looking for certificates in project management it will almost always be the first option.

It is among the most demanded certifications in the world.

The Project Management Institute (an institution from the United States) is in charge of taking this exam and has a large portfolio of certifications that cover different levels in project management.

But the PMP is its flagship product.

CAPM: Certify your knowledge in project management, that you understand the concepts, that you know the terminology and you know what the processes are. You are not Project Manager but you can be his right hand.

PMP: The standard of project management and its most famous certification.

PgMP: It certifies you for the management of programs, or the management of several complex projects.

PfMP: Certifies you for portfolio management. It is the most advanced accreditation of the PMI.

The certification is based on a standard in which the different areas that comprise project management develop.

All this is compiled in the PMBOK, which goes area by area and process by process, explaining what it consists of and how it is related to the rest.

Prerequisites (PMP): With a university degree they ask for 4,500 hours of experience and have completed 35 hours of project management training.

Without a university degree, 7,500 hours of experience and 35 hours of project management training are required.

PMP 6ª Edition, Mock exams (2021)
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