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PMP 4 Sure - Simple & Easy - Including Premium Q&A

Pass PMP Certification Easily, 35 Contact Hours, Based on PMBOK 6th Edition, Practical Project Management, 3000+ Ques
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Sure shot success in PMP Certification exam in first attempt based on PMBOK (R) Guide 6th Edition
Get 35 Contact Hours for PMP Application Mandatory Requirement
Use the course for CAPM also to understand concepts and pass the exam easily
Effective approach that enables a productive Project Management knowledge & skills applicable to various contexts
Practical examples, scenarios, anecdotes, analogies tailored to the PMP exam based on PMBOK Guide
3000+ questions that can help you tune your mind to the exam
Be enabled to answer questions from any scenario easily after understanding the subject thoroughly & easily
Learn from experience of seasoned leaders with 50+ years of combined training and industry experience
Understand Project Management better in a simple way and pass PMP certification exam with confidence
Project Management understanding based on fundamentals, basics & holistic learning
Correlate best practices to your current ways through Analogies, practical examples, scenarios & anecdotes

This course is designed meticulously and delivered effectively by a seasoned professional (please go through the detailed profile to feel assured you are hearing it from the horse's mouth and that you are in safe and effective hands) after collating rich and heterogeneous experience (of around 30+ years) of career especially Project Management across the world, filled with practical examples & scenarios.

Crisp 14 hours of course. 3000+ questions. No unnecessary repetition of subject which makes it boring and monotonous but carefully designed subject that makes you self-sufficient as you move through the course.

There are 3 types of students who can take this course.

  1. Experienced Project Management professionals

  2. Professionals who just attained the qualification requirement for PMP Certification exam & CAPM Certification Exam

  3. Those who are interested in knowing/learning Project Management from world best practices and standards perspective based on PMBOK (R) Guide from PMI regardless of attempting the certification exam or not.

The course has been designed in such a way that it serves all the 3 types of aspirants accordingly and comprehensively  without subjecting any of them to either boredom or inadequacy - while giving a common benefit to all, of improving their professional and personal quality of life by enhancing the productivity.

It takes off smoothly by setting the stage appropriately taking along all aspirants towards a strong base via practical examples, scenarios, anecdotes and analogies from the rich experience of the trainer as a seasoned Project Manager across the world and across many projects - small, medium and large out of which some of them are mission critical.

A proper blend of various requirements of aspirants like learning effective Project Management and also be enabled to crack the CAPM/PMP certification exam.

Here are a couple of time tested approaches used by the trainer - that he used to train many aspirants towards being great Project Managers and also pass the certification exam easily.

"If you give a person a fish, you give him/her a meal once. If you teach in the art of catching fish, you give him/her a meal for lifetime"

"A good trainer is one who makes himself/herself progressively unnecessary"

Actually the above proverb is meant for a Project Manager but I have adapted it to the training too. It can be applicable to anything where you are performing and enabling organisations and people.

While Tips & Tricks are given where needed and appropriate, more focus is on making the student self-sufficient with the Project Management knowledge & skills where he/she can perform as an effective Project Manager at work either locally or across global turfs, projects, cultures and teams, by tailoring and applying the Project Management Body Of Knowledge.

This course also takes the aspirants through situational/contextual fluency which is needed and also heavily advocated by PMBOK (R) Guide, to handle projects in diverse environments.

A certification is not Project Management in itself. It is a validation of the Project Management knowledge, skills and efficacy that you have. So it is imperative that you focus on 

  • attaining proper Project Management knowledge and skills if you are new or a recent entrant onto the turf or

  • honing and/or aligning the knowledge and skills you already possess as an experienced individual by way of theory and practice, to the world's acclaimed standards and best practices

And receive in both cases, another desired outcome of getting enabled to crack the certification exam as a natural bonus & inevitable by-product.

PMP 4 Sure - Simple & Easy - Including Premium Q&A
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per course
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