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PMI-ACP Exam Practice Kit

A premium set of 'must have' tools to help you confidently pass the PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner Exam.
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Understand over 150 key PMI-ACP terms as per PMI-ACP syllabus
Gain sufficient exam practice with over 360 questions (130 chapter tests + 2 full length exams)
Understand how to fill the PMI-ACP application
Obtain a useful cheat sheet for the exam
  • Preparing for the tough PMI-ACP Exam?
  • Concerned about the vast amount of information you need to remember for the exam?

Look no further! Take up this course and get the most definitive edge required to pass Project Management Institute’s Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) exam!

About the Course:

PMI-ACP Exam Practice Kit provides executives preparing for PMI-ACP Certification Examination with the Swiss army set of tools required to pass the demanding examination.

  • Explains all the important / key concepts as detailed in the PMI-ACP Syllabus and the 11 exam reference books
  • Provides extensive test practice through simulated PMI-ACP style questions
  • Provides guidance on filling up the PMI-ACP application
  • Provides a cheat sheet of highly useful information required to pass the exam

Our Approach:

  • Over 150 key concepts are presented in a talking flash card video, grouped by topics
  • Small practice tests in each topic help consolidate your understanding of the subject (130 practice questions)
  • TWO full length three-hour mock exam completely tests your understanding (total of 240 questions) with extensive explanation
  • Downloadable videos, eBooks and cheat sheet provide an offline study resource

How will you learn?

ProplanX uses a combination of instruction and interaction to engage with the students.

  • You will learn using a combination of video and text based instruction
  • Your understanding of the topic is further consolidated through chapter based practice tests
  • Finally, you get to practice with two full length mock exams that also provide detailed explanation

Course Materials:

You have access to the following course materials:

  • Downloadable videos and eBook for all topics
  • Detailed text based description for each topic
  • Practice questions (and answers)
  • Two full length PMI-ACP Practice Mock Tests (paid customers please write to [email protected] for 30 day test access).

Study Duration:

You should expect to spend at least 11 hours, as detailed below:

  • 2 hours to study over 150 concepts
  • 3 hours for topic-wise practice tests (130 questions)
  • 6 hours for two full length final exams (total 240 questions)

How to contact the Instructor?

Please write to [email protected] for any questions or instructor assistance.
You may expect a reply within 24 hours (conditions apply).

PMI-ACP Exam Practice Kit
$ 19.99
per course
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