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Plum and Snow picture in classical Chinese Painting style

This professional lesson of painting Plum Tree with Snow in classical Chinese brush technique. Create your own picture!
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-Painting Plum petals, buds, branches using Chinese technique
-Improving making tonal balance using the only one type of the brush with ink
-Making confidention wet and dry streaks on rice paper by ink with pure milk!
-Creating a classical composition with flowers and branches on night colored background

I'd like to paint with you blossoming plum tree using traditional Chinese painting techniques. The plum is a classic subject in Chinese painting and one of the “Four noble Gentlemen” (四君子) in Chinese art.

The chaming and strong plum meihua 梅花 blooms in late winter and early spring, before other flowers.

The delicate white, pink or even red flowers are often covered with snow, creating an amazing contrast.

In Chinese tradition it is a messenger of spring, often its flowering coincided with the celebration of the Chinese New Year - the Spring Festival 春节 Chun-tsze ,

Moreover it symbolizes such qualities of a noble husband who, like a plum, "behaves with dignity"

At the class devided into six parts we will chose the special materials, learn how to make different plum flowers and basik strokes for drawing branches.

Join us and finaly we will draw a beautiful scene of blossoming plum tree with snow at moonlight winter night!

The materials you will need:

-Brush for xe-i universal of middle size, wide flat brush for big spaces and tiny pointed contour brush
-Chinese ink for painting and calligraphy
-Felt mat

-Small round plate
-Set of mineral paints MARIES palette of 12 colors ( we will need four only), or another brand of mintral paints for chinees/japanees painting

-Any type of pure milk
-Paper for xe-i/sumie

Plum and Snow picture in classical Chinese Painting style
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