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Plotly Dash : Interactive mobile friendly python dashboards

Learn to create interactive python dashboards having navigation bars, data cards, plots and more using plotly Dash
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Create interactive python dashboards using Dash plotly
Mobile responsive layouts for the dashboards
Create interative graphs that are clickable
Create World/Country maps visualisations using plotly
Create different plots such as Bar, Bubble, scatter etc using plotly
Create navigation bar for the dashboards
How to show datacards in your plotly apps
How to create various clickable widgets such as dropdowns, sliders, checkboxes using Dash
Visualisations using python
Host your dash plotly dashboard on Heroku for free

Welcome to the course on dash plotly !

In this course where i will teach you how to create interactive mobile responsive dashboards using Plotly's dash library. You will be able to create dashboards that will be mobile/ screen responsive. The way the dashboard looks will depend on the size of the screen on which a user is viewing.

Data visualisation is very critical for generating and communicating easy to understand finding and insights. Either you are a Data Analyst who wants to create a dashboard/present your analysis or you are a Data Scientist who wants to create a UI for your machine learning models, plotly dash can be a boon for  both.

Using the plotly dash, you can create interactive mobile responsive dashboards using python without knowing HTML, CSS and Javascript. Creating plotly dash dashboards is so simple and easy that you can create your dashboards within a day or two.

In this course, i will take you through each and every concept required to create a interactive mobile friendly app in plotly dash and then we will combine all of our learnings in the final project section where we will create a covid 19 world tracker.

Looking forwards to meet you in the lectures !


Anmol Tomar

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Plotly Dash : Interactive mobile friendly python dashboards
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