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Playing with Procreate: Create an Isometric Illustration

Learn to create a time-lapse isometric illustration from your existing PowerPoint slides!
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Gain basic understanding how to setup and use isometric grids
Learn how powerful + easy Procreate features are to unleash your creative side
Have fun creating a time-lapse video of your isometric workflow + share on social media

Turn your existing PowerPoint slides into a simple isometric illustration in Procreate.

By default, Procreate generates a time-lapse video of your work - so you can use the video as promotional materials for your online courses, showcase your work or research studies - during presentations or for marketing purposes.

It's a smarter way to work, with less effort. And unleash your creative side!

In this class, I share my process in creating a basic isometric illustration in Procreate from my PowerPoint slides. Straight to the point, so that you can get to what really matters and acquire the skills.

You will learn step-by-step how I use Procreate to transform screen captures of my PowerPoint slides into a time-lapse video drawn using isometric grids.

Briefly, you will learn:

  • my creative process to help you find design inspirations.

  • how to set up the canvas and isometric grids in Procreate.

  • a quick overview of Procreate to help you familiarise with menus and tools to create a basic isometric illustration.

  • laying out the PowerPoint Slides on the isometric grids and fine-tuning the designs.

  • how to export your work as a time-lapse video.

What I love about this process is you can easily use your existing PowerPoint slides to turn them into creative promotional video materials in Procreate. You can add more slides to the isometric design as you go along. And present your work to your superiors and colleagues in a more interesting manner.

Productivity could also mean accomplishing more and have fun at work, while being strategic at the same time.

All you need to follow this course are an iPad, the Procreate app & a stylus. And of course, a dose of imagination.

Enrol in the course, and let’s get started =)

Playing with Procreate: Create an Isometric Illustration
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