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Playing Piano: Scales and Arpeggios Vol.I : Major keys

Stop struggling and do play them all
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 2767 students enrolled
Be able to play all the major scales and improve your playing.
Get your fingers stronger each time you play arpeggios.
You will play in any tune without struggling with the fingering.

Are you a piano student?

Are you capable of play all the major scales and major arpeggios?

If you have been struggling with the correct fingering and you are only capable to play the "easy ones" then, you need this course!!

This course is dedicated to every piano student that wants to improve his playing by haveing a better technique. Being able to play major scales and major arpeggios is a must, and is part of having a good technique. Unfortunately students usually struggle beacause they are not capable to play all the keys.

This course is focused on your playing and the main goal is that you will be able to play them all, no excuses!! In this course you will learn what it takes to do it.

The instructor suggests a very easy to follow plan, which will make you play them al in one month.

This course has:

  • 100% practical video tutorials of each scales and each arpeggio.

  • Each video has the image of the notes so yu can follo the fingering.

  • A discussion forum where you can post your questions and the instructor will help you on your playing.

This course has all the major keys and arpeggios as well.


F Bb Eb Ab Db Gb

Join this course and play all major and arpeggios following the correct fingering and keeping a good technique.

Enroll in this course today and enhance your scales once for all. There are more than 2600 students already enrolled in this course!

Playing Piano: Scales and Arpeggios Vol.I : Major keys
$ 49.99
per course
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