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Playing and Understanding Chess - Key Concepts for Beginners

Understand how to correctly use your chess pieces in such a way as to gain oppositional advantage and win the game!
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Students will learn the basics of chess, from setting up pieces to correctly moving them and understanding key strategic ideas such as sacrifice of a piece, discover attacks, double checks, forks, and overloading (to name a few examples).

Hi and welcome to my Playing and Understanding Chess - Key Concepts for Beginners course. In this course, you will be able to set-up the chess board and place all of the pieces correctly, move them in a correct and tactically advantageous positions, learn tactical tricks such as forks, double attacks, and sacrifices. You will also gain a better knowledge of what to do in a Chess game as well as increase your skills, your overall understanding, and your confidence against your future opponents.

I hope you learn a lot from this course!

Enjoy and let's begin this journey together!

Your Chess instructor Timur.

Playing and Understanding Chess - Key Concepts for Beginners
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