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Learn How To Code a Hack For ANY Game! - Game Hacking

Learn to create game hacks (PUBG, Free Fire, and others) programmatically, and by using reverse engineering programs
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Do you like hacking games? ?

Do you want to know how hacker programs are created? ??


We have specially designed a course for you at Udemy

Which provides you with everything you will need to learn to hack games ?

The good news is that a new series has been created to learn to build ESP for the game programmatically

Hacker features, which will be explained and detailed: ?

Player ESP (2d box, 3d box, skeleton, ignore teammate, identify bot)

Item / Lootbox ESP

Vehicle ESP

Grenade Alert

Player Health / Name / Distance / Line

Simple Aimbot

Enemy State

Enemy Weapon

Course contents

Explanation of Game Garden and script construction in Lao language.

Learn to reverse engineer with powerful software like Idea Pro and DN Spy.

All sources and resources are completely free.

Learn How To Code a Hack For ANY Game! - Game Hacking
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