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Play Worship Piano

Transform your Piano Playing from Basic to Brilliant
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Learn the theory and techniques to improve piano/keyboarding skills.
Learn chord structure, inversions, and progressions.
Learn how to read chord charts
Learn to play worship songs in all 12 keys.
Learn chord voicing - the secret to transforming your piano playing.
Learn how to playing in a worship band and vs solo situation.
How to break down any song into simple chunks.
Useful tips on how to be an effective team player in a worship band
Learn how to play 4 worship songs.

If you've been looking for a piano course that will teach you how to transform your worship piano/keyboarding skills from basic to brilliant, then Play Worship Piano - From basic to brilliant is for you!

I will show you the building blocks of chords. We will explore chord progressions and learn how to break down any song into small manageable chunks to figure out the chord progression. I include practice materials such as soundtracks and chord charts to help reinforce what you learn in the course. You will learn to play 4 worship songs on the piano using all the concepts taught in this course.

I will show you chord voicing- the key to transforming your piano playing from basic to brilliant so you can sound like a professional pianist. I provide helpful tips and techniques based on years of experience to help you improve your keyboarding skills. I also provide useful tips on how to be an effective team member in a worship band.

My goal is that by the end of this course, you’ll able to transform your worship piano/keyboarding skills from basic to brilliant. This will not happen overnight, but if you are willing to put in the work and apply yourself then you will certainly reap the benefits of this course.

Play Worship Piano
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