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Daisy's Play Violin and Fiddle for beginners - Course 1

Learn to play violin from zero to playing simple tunes in a few simple steps - suitable for all ages
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hold the violin and bow correctly, know how to tune the strings of your violin to the correct notes. Learn the correct finger position and placement using three left hand fingers to play twelve notes. They will be able to bow correctly and combine these skills to play three simple traditional tunes by the end of the course.

This course teaches students the first steps in learning how to play the violin. So if you've just got a new violin and don't know where to start it's the perfect beginners course for you.

The course videos last less than an hour but you can expect to have to practice each individual lesson repeatedly to get good results. Everybody learns at a different pace so it's important that you just work through the course steadily at you own individual speed.

The course starts right at the beginning and teaches you hold to hold the violin and bow. How to identify the different parts of the violin. How to tune the strings correctly. How to position the bow on the strings and make simple bowing movements. Then a 3 finger pattern is demonstrated so that you can play different notes correctly. Finally all the newly learned techniques are combined and you will be taught how to play three simple traditional tunes.

There's no fluff in this course and technical jargon and music theory has been kept to a minimum, I have concentrated on teaching good practical techniques and tried to make them as enjoyable and fun to learn as I can.

I believe that everyone has the ability to learn an instrument if they have the right mental attitude and are prepared to put a bit of work in. So if you if you fancy learning the violin join me now and I'll have you playing a simple tune in a matter of a few hours!.

Daisy's Play Violin and Fiddle for beginners  - Course 1
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