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For all piano learners. Play piano and sing 'Autumn Leaves'

A clear and detailed introduction to this beautiful song. Sing and play by ear. Impress your friends and family.
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Play and sing the jazz classic 'Autumn Leaves' all the way through.
Sing and play for your family and friends. Knock their socks off!!
Sit in with a jazz group and confidently express yourself.

Playing and singing at the same time isn't doing two separate things! It's doing one thing.

The best way to learn and get good at something is to approach it in bite sized chunks. One song at a time. Using this method you get to be able to perform a complete song whilst you are learning. It's enjoyable straight away and you get results.

In this course you will learn how to play the chords and the melody of 'Autumn Leaves'. And you will learn how to use your voice (singing or humming the song) to bring the two together. 

How this course works is:

  • I teach you the simple chords and the melody (both singing and playing)

  • I show you what to practice

  • I break the chords down note by note for beginners (but if you already have some experience you can skip these lectures)

  • I give you simple excercises/patterns to practice (for both hands)

  • Before you know it, you will be singing and playing the song.

  • Chords and Melody. It's simple.

You don't have to be a great singer to put a great song across. You don't have to be great singer and player to get to the heart of a song, to speak the lyric and to touch people with its essence.

It's all about Melody, Rhythm and Love. Oh - and practice!!

For all piano learners. Play piano and sing 'Autumn Leaves'
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