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Play Leyenda, Canarios, and Bach on Classical Guitar

Learn how to make sense of scale practice, develop relaxed and efficient technique, and perform with confidence.
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Play "Canarios" by Gasper Sanz, "Gavottes 1 and 2" by J.S. Bach, and "Leyenda" by Isaac Albeniz up to a performance standard
Improve your technique and play in a relaxed and efficient way as you play technical exercises that are unique to the course and prepare for every challenge in each of the pieces
Learn the point of practicing scales and how to make the most of your scale practice.

This course is all about helping you realize your potential as a classical guitarist as you learn to play 3 great pieces from the classical guitar repertoire, Canarios, Gavottes 1 and 2, and Leyenda. You’ll follow a step-by-step course that shows you the most beneficial way to practice scales, how to use technical exercises, and how to play the 3 pieces at a performance standard.

What you can expect to get out of the course

  • You'll be able to see consistent progress as you follow an organized system
  • Practicing will be a pleasure as you improve your guitar skills, have more relaxed finger movements, and develop greater ability of musical expression
  • You'll feel the encouraging sense of accomplishment as you play pieces all the way through
  • You'll get answers to many of your questions about classical guitar playing

Your main goal for the course is to play 3 pieces from the classical guitar repertoire, Canarios, Gavottes 1 and 2, and Leyenda. The premise of the course is that you'll have much more success if you thoughtfully prepare before jumping into the pieces.

Playing the classical guitar is such a multi-sensory experience, and a video-based course is a great way to learn at your own pace. You know that there are no shortcuts, but by following a logical course that starts easy and gradually gets more challenging your experience will be much easier and rewarding.

Classical guitar is beautiful and complex, but that complexity can be intimidating, so in this course every musical phrase will be broken into a manageable piece that's easy to work with, and easy to put back into the whole of the piece.

The course starts with some brief introductory lectures that review the basics of the classical guitar approach, and then moves into scales. You'll customize your scale practice so that you're ready for each piece. It would be good to have some experience playing higher up on the fret-board, but you'll review the notes on the fret-board in the scales section, so you're prepared for everything that follows. Next, you'll start playing technical exercises that are unique to this course to prepare you for the piece that you'll be playing.

The lectures show the hands from a variety of angles, and in the lecture descriptions you can find the time where each camera angle changes. The lectures on the pieces start with a small chunk played up to speed, then a slow walk-through the notes, followed by a more in-depth lesson on each hand.

You'll also get downloadable PDF files of every scale, exercise, and piece, so not only will you receive a full score of "Leyenda" and the other pieces that are in the course, but you'll have a clear view of how to play every single note. This course doesn't contain any guitar tablature, but remember that you will be able to see and hear every last note in the course in the video lectures.

I hope you'll continue your journey with this course by clicking the button that says "Start Learning Now" and enrolling in the course and enjoying lifetime access to the lecture videos and sheet music files. Thanks for reading and I wish you the best with your guitar playing.

Play Leyenda, Canarios, and Bach on Classical Guitar
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