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Play Gypsy Jazz Rhythm Guitar! Vol. 2 - Gypsy Bossas

Learn to Play The Chords for Three Tunes in the Gypsy Bossa Style!
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The rhythm guitar accompaniment parts for three Gypsy Jazz Bossas: "For Sephora," "Made for Wesley," and "Brazil"
Mysterious, "James Bond" sounding chord progressions
Enrich and expand your harmony as we explore these chords: E7b9, D7, Gmaj7, Basic E min, Emin 9, Emin 7, Bmin7, Gmaj6, Abdim, F Major, F#5, G Minor 7, G Minor 7b5, C7b9, F7, Eb7, E7, Bbm6, Eb+, E minor Descending cliche, A Major inversion
Gain efficient Gypsy Jazz chord fingerings and transitions
Get tricks for muting strings while playing the Gypsy Bossa in the open position
Master the ins and outs of basic Jazz arrangements

This course expands on the Gypsy Bossa style of rhythm guitar that we learned in my Introduction to Gypsy Jazz Guitar course. By learning three core Gypsy Bossa tunes, we will broaden our repertoire of and also learn a lot of commonly used Gypsy Jazz chords. 

Stochelo Rosenberg's For Sephora epitomizes the Gypsy Bossa with it's Latin minor pastel tonality and mysterious sounding chord progressions. For Wesley (composed by Reinus Steinbeck) is a somber Gypsy Bossa that balances light and dark with a sense of gravitas. The Jazz classic Brazil (Ary Barroso), is a bitter sweet masterpiece that has been covered by many of the world's greatest performers since it was composed in 1939.

If you are looking to spice up your chord choices and add a Latin vibe to your music, this course will introduce to you to my arrangements of those three pieces. We will get deep into the ins and outs of how to efficiently play accompaniment parts that are often used in countless other tunes. By learning these touchstone pieces, you will become familiar with the building blocks of music and find inspiration for your own compositions as well. 

Further your journey into the incredible world of Gypsy Jazz guitar with this course on Gypsy Bossas!

Play Gypsy Jazz Rhythm Guitar! Vol. 2 - Gypsy Bossas
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