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Play Gospel Music By Ear

Learn the basic of music without reading a note.
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Develop listening skills with basic music principles to play naturally by ear.
Learning how to appreciate the unmatched beauty, genius, and power of music can permanently enrich your life.
This can be accomplished by following our step by step process to associate the students with the basic mechanics of the keyboard.
The student will be able to utilize the basics music principle to associate sound and the keyboard to start their journey of playing by ear

This course is about teaching you how to play gospel music by ear. We want you to have enjoy the experience that music brings , joy and beautiful sound. This course is designed for beginners from ages 5 and up. What do you need for this course is a keyboard or piano, internet access, and time and patience to make beautiful music. We will show you how easy it really is once you get the basic musical foundation. Our course paves the way for you to go down the road to play gospel music. Materials include tutorial videos, still illustrations of keyboards with notes to help reinforce the basics of music. We also include still photos for instructional purposes as well as several quizzes to confirm your understanding of music basics. The course starts with basic music theory incorporated with videos to reinforce the music theory to get you started playing piano today. This course is fun and easy and before you know it you will be playing for your own pleasure and satisfaction. You could be playing by the end of this course. Just follow our easy steps from as simple as the alphabet. This course takes you from what are the notes on the keyboard to moving towards playing music and sounding out music via the keyboard and your own memory of music that you may know and always wanted to play. We are committed to teach you to play and the know how and support to get you there. This course is the beginning of something beautiful and that is music. At the end of the course you will be able to play the melody of music you may know. This course was designed to be easily understood by beginners so thats why one should consider this course. This will help you navigate the keyboards, learn they keys,sound them out and start playing after putting it all together. We make it easy for you to start playing today.

Play Gospel Music By Ear
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