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Learn Chess Tactics and Traps - Beginner To Advanced Level

Learn How To Be a Chess Master
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How To play chess with different different Tactics
How Play Chess and Some Cool Chess Tips


It is a very interesting Game originated from India! Here You Learn The Different Chess Tips and Tricks From an Indian Grand master. 

Science say that if you play chess Your IQ grows day by day and it is totally proven. So it is not only a Game but also a Memory Booster technique.

the course is designed for the player who have some very basics knowledge in Playing Chess. Hope you enjoy the course.

Chess is a 2 player game and it is played on a chess board. In a chessboard 64 squares are there in a 8x8 grid. In this game there are 1 King, 1 queen, 2rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops and 8 pawns are there. In this game the most powerful is the Queen and less powerful is the Pawns. Each type of six types has different type of movement on the chess board.

Learn Chess Tactics and Traps - Beginner To Advanced Level
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