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Play By Ear #3: Use 3 Major Chord Trick to Harmonize Songs

Play songs by EAR & recognize places where chord changes in songs. Learn Music Theory & Play by Ear Techniques listening
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Listen to Chord Tones
Distinguish Chord Tones from Melody tones
How Chord Tones are formed
Listen Deeply to the characters of the Chord I, IV, V7
Hear the Home Base Chord
Listen to the Key of the Song
Distinguish Chord 1 from Chord V7
Spot why Chord V7 is a tension chord
Understand Leading Tone
Know which melody tones harmonize with which chord
Feel the distinct character of Chord 1
Feel the tension of the song
Know where to spot the dissonance of Chord V7
Hear how Chord IV travels within the melody
Play many songs using my 3 Chord Trick
Listen to how chord IV is distinctively a Travelling Chord
Identify the transient chords
Identify the Plagal Amen Chord Ending
Train your ears to listen to moods of the song
Feel the song when it goes up to a tension sound
Feel the calming and gentle nature of the Amen Ending
Feel the release of tension when V7 goes to I

Play by Ear Method Level 3:

Learn to harmonize songs by EAR with my 3 Chord Harmony Trick. Learn Music Theory & Music Techniques to listen to how chord changes in songs.

Are you bored to tears playing piano?   

As I am writing out this page, I just received the following message from my student Barbara who has been taking my piano courses one after another: 

  "We are on fire with the need to accomplish goals and you are a God given teacher!! :) I seem to be having a love affair with my piano now....can't get enough and want to be with the keys all day. It's a wonderful feeling. I praise God for all the knowledge and you for sharing your talent." 

Start picking up the Skill to PLAY by EAR and your piano playing is going to take off like it has for my student here. You will be in love with your piano, playing your music, making music at the piano ALL day!  Believe me, I see this happening to students all the time. 

Learn to play by EAR and learn how to harmonize songs by EAR!  It is a very comprehensive in-depth study so that you will be able to pick up this skill IMMEDIATELY.   

You need to free your mind from reading notes, free your mind from memorizing things, and just concentrate on LISTENING to SOUNDS, listening to CHORD progressions, listening to the sounds you play at the piano. This is what piano playing is about! 

My students are having so much FUN and on FIRE at the piano from one course to another.  This is Level 3 of part of the Play by Ear Series. 

Overview of the Course: 

In this course, you are going to learn about CHORDS & MELODY in Harmony! 

You will pick up 34 Magic Tips & a total of 17 Songs to practice on so that you can harmonize hundreds of songs with only 3 Chords:  I, IV, V7 


Part A:  Melody Tones vs Chord Tones

Play by Ear Tip 1: Distinguish Melody Tones from Chord Tones

                          Play by Ear Tip 2: Chords are built from scale tones 

                          Play by Ear Tip 3: Listen to the 3 Tone Chords 

                          Play by Ear Tip 4: Triad Chord Tones: R 3 5 or 1 3 5 

                          Play by Ear Tip 5: Triad Chords in C Key - 7 Diatonic Chords 

                          Play by Ear Tip 6: Many songs can be harmonized with 3 Major Chords 

Part B: Tonic Chord I and its distinctive character 

                          Play by Ear Tip 7: Chord 1 (R 3 5) is C Chord in Key C 

                          Play by Ear Tip 8: Use Left Hand to Play Chords: R 3 5 

                          Play by Ear Tip 9: Chord 1 Harmonizes with Melody tones: 1, 3, 5 

                          Play by Ear Tip 10: Chord 1 is the Home Chord - Beginning and End 

                          Play by Ear Tip 11: Find Places where you can put in Chord 1 

                          Play by Ear Tip 12: Study the tones of each measure to see what tones dominant 

Part C: V7 Dominant Chord and its distinctive character 

                          Play by Ear Tip 13: Dominant Chord is V7 in the Scale 

                          Play by Ear Tip 14: Formula for V7 - R 3 5 b7 

                          Play by Ear Tip 15: The personality of V7 Chord 

                          Play by Ear Tip 16: V7 harmonizing melody tones 

                          Play by Ear Tip 17: V7 Chord has a Tritone creating highest tension interval (4 and 7) 

                          Play by Ear Tip 18: V7 Dissonant Chord Moving to Stable Chord I 

                          Play by Ear Tip 19: V7 to I has a Perfect Cadence Sound 

                          Play by Ear Tip 20: V Chord harmonizes with melody tones 7, 2, 5 

                          Play by Ear Tip 21: V7 Chord harmonizes with melody tones 7, 2, 5, 4 

                          Play by Ear Tip 22: How to Write Chord Progression of Songs 

Part D: Subdominant Chord IV and its distinctive character 

                          Play by Ear Tip 23: Chord IV Subdominant Chord - F Chord 

                          Play by Ear Tip 24: Chord IV Formula: R 3 5 

                          Play by Ear Tip 25: Chord IV in relation to Chord I & V7 

                          Play by Ear Tip 26: Chord IV is a travelling chord 

                          Play by Ear Tip 27: Chord IV has 2 movements 

                          Play by Ear Tip 28: Ending of a Chord Progression IV to I - Plagal Cadence 

                          Play by Ear Tip 29: Chord IV harmonizes with melody tones: 4, 6, 1 

                          Play by Ear Tip 30: Left Hand F Block Chords & RH Harmonizing Tones 

Part E:  Rosa's Easy Play By Ear Method - 3 Chord Melody Tone Trick 

                          Play by Ear Tip 31: Melody Chord Theory 

                          Play by Ear Tip 32: Three Chord trick covers all 7 Scale Tones 

                                 Play by Ear Tip 33: Which chord to choose when tones appear in both? 

                          Play by Ear Tip 34: Chord Trick: I IV V7 

  17 Songs: 

                          1. Clementine 

                          2. Ode to Joy 

                          3. On Top Of Old Smokey 

                          4. We Wish You A Merry Christmas 

                          5. Amazing Grace 

                          6. Oh Danny Boy 

                          7. Blessed be the Tie that Binds 

                          8. This is my Father's world 

                          9. Today 

                          10. Bridge Over Troubled Water 

                          11. Day By Day 

                          12. Auld Lang Syne 

  Bonus Gospel Songs: 

                          13. Trust and Obey 

                          14. Be Still and Know 

                          15. Deeper, Deeper 

                          16. Thanks to God 

                          17. Just As I am 

  Bonus Popular Songs: 

      18. You are my Sunshine 

      19. Silent Night 

      20. Do Re Mi 

      21. Edelweiss 

      22. Unchained Melody 

      23. Moon River 

      24. Away In a Manger 

      25. Yesterday 

  In Depth Study on these Chord Changes: 

                          1. I to IV 

                          2. IV to I 

                          3. I to V7 

                          4. IV to V7 

                          5. V7 to I 

My students tell me that my teaching and videos are very motivating and entertaining!  I think what they mean is that they are learning a lot and having lots of fun. 

Enroll into this course and learn all my secrets of loving piano playing, 



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