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Plastic Recycling: A Beginner Course

Basic principles, process description and practical demonstration.
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How to identify the common types of plastics
The global plastic challenge and impact
The recycling process and mechanisms
Practical demonstration of a bench scale recycling process
Advantages and challenges of large scale and small scale recycling

Plastics have become a very important part of modern living. They are used today in almost every part of life. At the same time they currently pose a challenge to the environment and resources.

Plastic recycling is one of the approaches towards addressing these challenges.

To this end, this course covers the topic of plastic recycling with the aim of equipping participants with a fundamental knowledge of how this is done. The course begins with an overview of the global plastic challenge and then goes on to explaining the the processes involved and the mechanisms behind some of these processes. Finally a simple bench scale recycling process is included for the purpose of demonstration.

Plastic Recycling: A Beginner Course
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