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Plant Based Nutrition - What happens in the body +10 recipes

The science behind the plant based lifestyle. Plus in the Kitchen with Brett Lark, 10 recipes in 1 hour LIVE!
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Plant Based Nutrition - What happens in the body. + 10 Recipes Cooked in 1 Hour LIVE
Vegan Recipes 10 in less than 1 hour
Vegan Cooking
Plant Based Cooking
Vegan Nutrition
Nutrition for Cancer

Ever wonder about the plant based lifestyle? Ever wonder what the simple science is behind nutrition?

In this class you will learn the simple science behind scenes of what happens in our body with food. We break down the plant based diet so you can be more informed if it may or may not be for you.

No propaganda or opinions, this class will only walk through the facts of what happens in the body so you are free to make up your mind whether to go plant based using the raw information provided.

With 100s of testimonies we wanted to make this information available to the masses.

What you will receive is:

1. Plant Based Nutrition Part 1 (1 Hour Lecture) - Learn what happens in the body when food is broken down.

2. Plant Based Nutrition Part 2 (1 Hour Lecture) - Go in more depth of how the body repairs disease and what to eat to combat many diseases we commonly see in our culture.

3. In the Kitchen with Brett Lark (1 Hour Demonstration) - Brett will demonstrate 10 simple delicious plant based recipes in his kitchen to attendees.

4. A PDF grocery list of all ingredients needed for the 10 plant based recipes.

5. A PDF of all the 10 original recipes created by Brett Lark from the 1 hour demonstration.

Thank you for taking interest in learning what happens behind the scene with our nutrition.

Brett Lark

Plant Based Nutrition - What happens in the body +10 recipes
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