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Planning Your Podcast

Learn how to create a podcast properly. These are all the questions you need to ask before pressing record.
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Understand what a podcast is and how it is delivered
Understand how much it costs to start and maintain a podcast
Understand how much time is involved to create and maintain your podcast
Understand the common pitfalls that people make
Understand the benefits of podcasting

Podcasting is growing at a rapid rate with more people consuming content on their phones. With this in mind people and companies are jumping into podcasting without knowing the potential pitfalls. This course will help you understand. This class covers answers the question, "What is a podcast, why should do it, how to create a podcast and what does it cost me in time and money?" It does NOT get into recording (this is everything leading up to recording). The information on podcasting equipment will more than pay for the price of the course.

Take this Planning Your Podcast course now and learn how to create a podcast properly with lot more details. 

Planning Your Podcast
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