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How to teach online courses - a practical guide from a pro

Learn how to design and deliver online courses properly. Turn that idea in your head into an awesome course :)
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A solid foundation in great online course design skills, and a way to really engage with your students
Gain the skills to identify good online course ideas that you are passionate about and are marketable
You will better understand the mindset and motivations of your future students, and teach directly to those
Solid practical direction and examples on mapping out your sections and lessons
Make informed decisions on whether to go with head and shoulders direct to camera video, slideshows, screencasts, or something else completely
Confidence in knowing what to actually say in a lesson
Evaluate and reflect on course design and teaching approach
Handle both positive and negative feedback from students
A whole load of motivation, taught by an instructor who loves the job and wants to see you do well!

This course will give you the skills you need to teach online courses with confidence, even if you don't have a background in teaching.

Have you seen courses on Udemy, Skillshare and YouTube and thought, "hey, I could make a course about that!"... but then didn't follow through because you weren't sure of exactly how to approach the full learning design or structure or weren't sure about what sort of equipment you'd need?

Or perhaps you've seen all those "passive income" blurbs and suspected that there's probably a bit more to it than just shouting your general knowledge into a microphone?

This course will help you to plan, create and teach an amazing online course that students will love, and it's taught by someone who has over a decade of experience in creating online courses and teaching others how to do the same.

Why choose this course over any of the others?

The other top "teach on Udemy" courses are wonderful, and I have incredible respect for their instructors. This course stands out from the others through a much greater focus and detail on those starting steps for thinking of your ideas, connecting with your passions, and helping you understand how to best connect with your future students.

If you're considering taking multiple courses to best understand how to make online courses to sell through Udemy, then I suggest pairing this course with one of the others that focuses on marketing - that way you'll get a great educational approach for making a fantastic course here with these methods, and then follow with solid processes for marketing and launching your course with one of the others.


"Ricky takes a step-by-step approach to explaining how to plan and structure a course; how to design a course for maximum student engagement; and how to foster a good rapport with students throughout the course." - Autumn Gal ★★★★★

"Ricky showed me ... how to structure my course and how to make my courses engaging and interesting for all who will be watching." - Zoe Martin ★★★★★

You will discover how to create your course from start to finish in easy to understand and simple practical steps:
  • What to teach that connects with your passions and expertise
  • How to test if there's a market for your course idea
  • How to develop a teaching approach
  • How to develop a detailed course plan
  • Various ways to present lessons so that your students engage more
  • What to actually say in a lesson to improve your students' understanding
  • Essential production tips
  • Methods to evaluate your course
  • How to use student feedback to improve your course

Every lesson in this course has a practical skill that you can learn to develop your own course plan and teaching approach. You can get started pretty quickly and work on your own courses progressively while learning here.

So, if you'd like to teach online then take this course now, and I'll see you inside!

How to teach online courses - a practical guide from a pro
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