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Plan and Define Project Scope (PMI - PMP)

Project Management Professional Certification Program (PMI-PMP)
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Define the term project scope
Recognize elements to include in the scope management plan and requirements management plan
Identify inputs to the Collect Requirements process
Identify the tools and techniques you use to collect project requirements
Recognize examples of good project requirements
Distinguish between the outputs of the Collect Requirements process
Recognize the tools and techniques you use to define project scope
Describe the purpose of a project scope statement
Distinguish between the components to include in a project scope statement
Demonstrate your understanding of the Plan Scope Management, Collect Requirements, and Define Scope processes

The Plan and Define Project Scope (PMI - PMP) is course 6 of 28 of the Project Management Professional Certification Program (PMI-PMP). The course is aligned with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK6) developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Your project is all approved, and you're ready to get started. What's the first step? You need to figure out exactly what the end result is going to look like based on the customer's needs.

In this course, you'll learn how to plan scope management for your project, use the collect requirements process to gather and refine stakeholders' requirements. And then how to turn those into your scope statement with the defined scope process.

1. Defining Project Scope
2. The Plan Scope Management Process
3. Inputs to Collect Requirements
4. Tools and Techniques for Collecting Requirements 5. Characteristics of Effective Requirements
6. Outputs of Collect Requirements
7. Techniques for Defining Scope
8. Outputs of the Define Scope Process
9. Components of a Project Scope Statement
10. Exercise: Planning and Defining Project Scope

That’s it! Now go ahead and push that “Take this course” button, and see you on the inside!

Plan and Define Project Scope (PMI - PMP)
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