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Essentials of Marketing Made Easy (Plain Marketing)

Market Segmentation - Target Markets - Positioning - Marketing Mix
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18 Types of Marketing
Marketing Dashboard
The Marketing Environment
“Marketing” Research
The Marketing Plan/Strategy
Market Segmentation
Target Markets
Online Segmentation
11 P Marketing Mix
Pricing Strategies
Promotional Mix

This course is an excellent introduction to the world of marketing as it embodies all the major elements of marketing. First, the "student" will explore the major and contemporary types of marketing that one should know as they were handpicked through experience and research.  Then the "student" will explore marketing researches perhaps some unfamiliar such as Projective Techniques and a tool in research as Perceptual Mapping. Afterwards, we will focus on something known as STP: Segmentation- Target Markets - Positioning. Finally, we will explore 11 Ps of the marketing mix and encourage "students" only to research other Ps in reliable resources such as books as technology seems to influence more and more this mix.

Essentials of Marketing Made Easy (Plain Marketing)
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