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Italian pizza at home. Easy method + En + De Subtitles!

The easiest method that exists for guaranteed success!
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Students will be able to prepare Italian pizza and focaccia at home, avoiding the most common mistakes and accidents.
Students will learn the method to calculate the exact amount of dough to be used in different types of baking pans, both round and rectangular, of any size.
Students will learn the recipe for Italian pizza and will also learn to prepare 2 types of buns.
The students will discover the simple secret for a perfect leavening of the dough.
Students will learn my system to roll the pizza into a pan without adding flour.
Students will learn to choose and use the right ingredients for seasoning Italian pizza.
Students will discover how to make a low and crispy pizza and a high and soft pizza.
Students will also receive my e-book "Become the Pizza Wizard Now"

Pizza and Focaccia at home easy method; Video course + E-book (It-En) + English Subtitles + Untertitel auf Deutsch

"How to become an Italian pizza expert in 30 minutes, without wasting time and money .. avoiding all the mistakes and the messes that beginners do not follow a valid method!"

Hi, my name is Giuseppe Giovenco and I have been involved in professional training for pizza makers for many years.

I do not want to waste your time. I know you want an immediate solution, to become an Italian pizza ace at home and luckily I have just what you need :)

I have just created "Pizza and Focaccia at home easy method" a new video course accompanied by a digital E-book in PDF format where I show you how you can finally become a Real Italian Pizza Champion, in 30 minutes, saving precious time and avoiding the stupid and boring errors that hide behind the preparation of a dish so simple and so complicated; the Italian Pizza.

Not only; I will reveal to you my Tested Method, a very simple system, step by step, clear and sharp, easy to replicate and put into practice right away to make pizza and Italian focaccia at home whenever you want, even if you start from scratch and if you leave you never made a pizza in your life.

All without the need for mixer or food processor.

How is it possible?

Let's face it, a big mistake of those who try to make the Italian Pizza is to do everything by themselves, going by trial or by taking advice from inexperienced people, maybe on the internet.

But if you really want to become an Ace of Pizza in 30 minutes, without wasting time and effort, the first thing to do is actually to take advantage of a tested method like the one I created "Pizza and Focaccia at home easy method".

Why does my method work so well? The answer is simple.

Because a building is built from the ground up.

So to make it short ... The trick is to follow this process.

Step 1 ... Discover the 6 elements that make up the dough

Step 2 ... Prepare a technically correct and highly digestible dough

Step 3 ... Make the dough rise correctly

Step 4… Prepare the seasonings taking into account the basic rules

Step 5 ... Stretch the pizza by hand in a workmanlike manner

Step 6 ... Fill the pizzas with taste and balance

Step 7 ... Cook the pizzas to perfection

Here is the next step ...

I don't want to lie to you, even though I haven't yet found the famous "magic pill" that allows me to transform what I touch into gold, I have however accumulated enough experience in the field (much more than some supposed gurus) to be able to teach you how to make you make Italian pizza your home in 330 minutes, without making you spend a fortune and without breaking your back with useless attempts.

This is what I'm going to teach you in great detail in Pizza and Focaccia at home easy method.

It is the fruit of a huge work of synthesis and simplification. Inside you find over 7 years of experience in the field and all the tricks and shortcuts I know to avoid mistakes, with simple instructions on what to do to get results immediately.

What you will learn in the video course Pizza and focaccia at home easy method:

Specifically, here's what you'll find out ..

The procedure for the perfect dough and the various processing steps served on a silver plate (in practice it is as if you were holding hands)

My personal recipe for the ideal dough (it cost me a fortune in hundreds and hundreds of attempts and countless tests)

The secret formula for infallibly calculating the right amount of dough to put in the pan (whether you want a thin and crunchy pizza or a soft and high pizza)

The yeast; which to choose, because and all you need to know to always get a perfect dough leavening

The drafting of pizza by hand to the rule of art

Pizza filling; the basic rules and basic condiments that the real Italian Pizza requires

Cooking; the simple trick to cook pizza and focaccia to perfection and not ruin all the effort made to prepare pizza

The good news is that you don't have to be an expert to do all this, in fact you can immediately put into practice what you see in the video course!

In addition, by accessing the video course "Pizza and Focaccia at home easy method" you will also receive the Bonus "Become the Pizza Wizard Instantly" in E-Book format (only this actually costs the same as the entire video course!)

What are you waiting for?

Access the course immediately and start making pizza and Italian focaccia together!

I'm waiting for you on the other side,

Giuseppe Giovenco.

Italian pizza at home. Easy method + En + De Subtitles!
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