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Learn Pixel Art for Games

Understand creating Pixel Art for use in Games
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Learn the fundamentals of creating pixel art and understand how to use different pixel art styles
Learn to create a complete tileset for use in a platformer or side-scrolling game
Learn to create a tileset for use in a top-down dungeon, and learn how top-down perspectives work
Understand color theory and the importance of lighting in your art
Learn to create characters and how to animate those characters

In this course you will learn all the skills you need to create your own pixel art whether you use it for your own games, just to create art pieces or to sell as asset packs for other people to use.

You’ll learn basic techniques for how to draw objects in different art styles, how to add shading and highlights to objects and the importance of carefully choosing where your pixels go.

You’ll learn simple techniques for creating characters from basic shapes and you’ll learn how to add animation to your characters and objects.

You’ll learn how create a complete set of tiles for a platformer and a dungeon crawler, and learn the importance of re-using common elements in your tiles.

You’ll also be tested with regular challenges throughout the course to take the skills you’ve learned, apply them in new ways and share your progress with others.

This course will teach you all the basics and essentials you need for creating your own pixel art. Learn how to create art for your own games today!

Learn Pixel Art for Games
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