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Pivotal Management

Creativity - Knowledge Management - Risk Management - Crisis Management - Change Management
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What is Management?
Customer Relationship Management
Managerial Skills
Decision Making
Organizational Structure
Blocks to Problem Solving
Managing Cash Flow
Knowledge Management
Time Management
Risk Management
Crisis Management
Change Management
Performance Measurement & Management

This vital management course covers basically all the major information one needs to know about management. What scientific studies as anthropology, philosophy, economy and psychology can give to management. We will explore topics as planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling. As well, we will discuss managerial skills as conceptual, human relations and technical in addition to emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence. Also, functional, divisional, matrix and virtual organizational structures are tackled. There are so many subjects to discuss! like blocks to problem solving pertaining to constancy and compression, managing cash flow, time management and all types of management mentioned elsewhere here. This course is the ultimate prelude and more to the world of management.

Pivotal Management
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