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Excel Pivot Tables -Artful Decision making in data Analysis

Decode Excel Pivot tables with real world case studies. Master the Art and Science of Pivot tables.
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In depth understanding of Pivot table mechanism.
Learn to handle any kind of the data with confidence.
Improve productivity by learning tips and tricks.
Prepare stunning Dashboards displaying key performance indicators.
Learn to generate trends and pattern to draw out conclusions.
Improved productivity and decision making.

*** Course with Applied learning approach, Easily Learn to develop trends and patterns, Decode Pivot table with practical examples, Life time Access, and 100% money-back guarantee!*** 

Why you need improve data Handling skills ?  –    

Data Analysis has become an inseparable parts of our lives. Enormous amount of data is collected on daily basis in every industry IT, Hospitality, Aviation, Banking , Tourism and Real Estate .

Data always remain in abstract form. It doesn’t make a sense unless until you process them, draw trends and patterns.

Data has it’s own simple language you just have to understand it.Once learn, you discover amazing new facts, information or insights about the data ,which will immensely improve your thinking and decision making. And remember Success in personal and professional life depends upon quality of data analysis and decision making.

Master the art of Excel pivot table to make strategic decisions –    

A Pivot Table is a simple and an extremely powerful tool that you can use to slice and dice data.    

You can track and analyze hundreds of thousands of data points with a compact table. That table can be changed dynamically to get different perspectives of the data. .   

 Creating pivot table is extremely simple and fast process. Reports can be created just by dragging and dropping, without performing any calculations. More over pivot table creates very interactive reports which further help you take correct decision.   

 Content and Overview: -    

Irrespective of the domain and industry, apart from giving necessary knowledge, tool and techniques this is my attempt to help you improve decision making process.   

I have tried to use applied learning approach while designing the course. This approach integrates class room learning with real-world situations. In this entire course we will learn pivot table, through some real life situations which you are likely to face. Every lecture we will try to unfold pivot table through real life problems.      What will you learn?    

  • Mechanics of the Pivot table.   

  • Structuring the Table data in proper format.   

  • How to design pivot table as per your needs.   

  • How to prepare excellent reports using various pivot table tools.   

  • How to make correct use of Visuals such as Charts and Conditional Formatting to improve understanding.   

  • How to use filtering tools such as Timelines and slicers to improve focus on critical areas.   

  • How to use power query.    

Who is the target Audience?   

  • Anyone who wants to learn the art of data analysis.

  • Anyone who handles excel on day to day basis.

  • Anyone who wants to improve decision making and there by becoming more productive. 

  • Anyone who wants to achieve something substantial in life by applying simple principles, 


Any of the industry IT, Hospitality, Aviation, Banking, Tourism and Real Estate to name a few, and       

Any of the department Marketing, Sales, Production, Accounting, Finance, HR and QAQC to name a few.

Post purchase support : - A complete support and assistance is available for you.I would really love to see you use this on regular basis .

Money Back Guarantee : - On top of it UDEMY gives money back guarantee for 30 days if you are not satisfied.

See you inside the course and add this amazing tool to your knowledge portfolio.

Excel Pivot Tables -Artful Decision making in data Analysis
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