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Pitching to Win

How to persuade decision makers with a customised presentation
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How to prepare pitches that are tailored to the key decision makers buying preferences and priorities
The best way to present a pitch on the day, focussing on the customers needs and how you meet them
What to do during the pitch that positions you well for negotiating during or immediately after the pitch.
The correct positioning post a failed pitch to increase the chance of a second bite at the cherry.

The Pitch, the ultimate culmination of potentially months or even years of hard work and of all the skills to master in sales its the one with the biggest return. 

We'll cover:

  • Preparation: what research to carry out, importance of customisation and the right level of practice
  • On The Day: the 5 steps to a perfect pitch, get these right and you'll massively increase the appeal of your pitch
  • Negotiation: how to set up for a solid negotiations in your pitch and how to handle it when price is the sticking point. 
Pitching to Win
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