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How to fill PIQ Form - Service Selection Board

Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) - Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force
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Those who wants to join Indian Armed Forces have to go through process of Service Selection Board (SSB). This course helps you to fill Personnel Information Questionnaire form that every candidates is mandatory to fill. These PIQ form is sent to Psychologist and Interviewing Officer.

PIQ is the first impression of yours that the Interviewing Officer and Psychologist makes about you. The more specific your write about you, the more it says about your character, analytical skills, and observation power.

This is a course for learning how to fill Personnel Information Questionnaire Form in SSB. Those who want to join the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force have to go through a process called service selection board. In stage two of SSB, a defense aspirant has to fill two PIQ forms one of them is sent to Interviewing officer and the other one is sent to the psychologist.

In the course, you will get to learn

  • how specific detail you have to write in PIQ form.

  • What are the mistakes that you should avoid while filling it.

  • What are the important details that you should know about your education, interest and your family.

  • You will get a picture of how exactly the Recommended candidate’s PIQ form looks like.

  • What is the difference b/w a freshers PIQ form vs a repeater.

We will be taking all the possible case scenarios to explain minute details that one candidate has to take care of while filling in details. We step by step will cover all the 14 columns that we need to fill. How the freshers PIQ form is different from the repeaters. How a higher secondary SSB PIQ form is different from the graduate one. With this detail, you can control your Interview direction.

I have designed this course so that even a beginner or fresher in SSB will reach to expectations of the assessors only with his or her PIQ form. By end of the course, your simple PIQ form will be converted into very rich content and a recommended candidates’ PIQ form.

How to fill PIQ Form - Service Selection Board
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