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Pinterest: The Missing Link

How to successfully promote your business on Pinterest
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Understand and use my Pinterest monetization system

Pinterest: the Missing Link” is a very entertaining course and learning this serious subject  has never been more fun.

I created this course for users who have already put in the hard work into Pinterest traffic generation, but are not getting the results they were hoping for.  I know how you feel. Once, I was so upset with my Pinterest results, that I closed all my Pinterest accounts, and tried to forget about this source of traffic all together. Two years passed before I opened new Pinterest accounts. This time, I started to analyze what I did wrong, and why my previous hard work took me nowhere. My new approach finally brought me the results that I was hoping for. In this course, I am going to share with you my system that helped me achieve success. I will walk you through it, step by step, quickly and easily!“

Important: Pinterest newbies are more than welcome to take this course, but please be aware that this course does not teach you how to open a Pinterest account nor how to create boards, etc. There are many wonderful courses on this topic on Udemy, including free information all over the internet.

There are 3 parts in my course:

Part 1: How to Monetize Pinterest Traffic (the Basic)
This part is a refresher on the simple methods of Pinterest monetization.

Part 2: The missing Link (Intermediate Level)
It reveals the missing link to the Pinterest moneymaking formula. Here you will find the practical advice on how to fix that missing link.

Part 3: The missing Link (Advanced Level)
This information will be most helpful to those students who still have not gotten the results they were looking for even after following the advice from part 2.

By the time we are finished, you will have a solid understanding of my Pinterest monetization system that actually works.

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Anna Lynd

Pinterest: The Missing Link
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