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Pilates with Props: Small Ball

Transform your practice and take it to the next level
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How to use the small ball to transform Pilates classical mat exercises
How to integrate the ball into the Pilates Mat Sequence
How to integrate the ball into an freestyle sequence
How the ball can modify, progress, intensify the exercises and refine technique

Pilates is an amazing mind/body discipline but when you add a prop you add a whole new dimension.  The small ball can refine technique, modify, intensify or progress an exercise.  Pilates teachers will learn lots of new ways to challenge their clients or enable them to refine technique.  The course is also useful to those of you who have a regular Pilates practice and want to change it up a bit to stay motivated.

The course consists of a series of workshops demonstrating the various ways in which the ball can be used for each, followed by two masterclasses:

  1. The entire classical mat sequence using my own favourites

  2. A freestyle flow sequence

Take your time to practice first and then enjoy putting it all together!

Pilates with Props: Small Ball
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