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Safe Beginner Pilates For Strength During Pregnancy

Learn the basics of Pilates to strengthen/tone your body during Pregnancy. Taught by a Chiro with 19 years experience.
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Learn the basics of Pilates to feel supported, strong and flexible during your pregnancy.
Reduce stress on your spine throughout your pregnancy.

Learning Pilates in a gym can be challenging especially if you are pregnant and doing private sessions can become expensive. This is why I created a Pilates For Pregnancy course so that pregnant ladies could keep exercising in the privacy of their home in a safe and effective way. I also had several patients and doctors ask me to design this Pilates program to help ladies to be able to do gentle exercise that is tailored for them depending on what trimester they are in. 

My Pilates for Pregnancy course will help you to:

  1. Tone your body 
  2. Improve your core strength and pelvic floor muscles
  3. Improve posture during the pregnancy
  4. Increase flexibility 
  5. Reduce back pain and stiffness during the pregnancy
  6. Teach you what happens to your spine and body during each trimester
  7. Show you how to do a series of gentle and effective stretches and exercises suitable for each trimester of your pregnancy
  8. Help you to recover and gain strength after the birth 

During pregnancy the body goes through many changes due to the weight of the growing baby and the hormonal surges. This course will help you to maintain and improve your strength and fitness as you progress through each trimester. It is safe and effective and is at a beginner level. 

Safe Beginner Pilates For Strength During Pregnancy
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