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BASIC CORE - Everything you need to know !!

The perfect starting point to ALL movement - cultivate your inner teacher !
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Build a strong understanding of what your 'core' is, how it works, watch as Jane takes Natalie through the pilates progressions for building true three dimensional core strength
downloadable class, loads of information, anatomy, breathing,

When we are given these bodies, sadly, the software to operate them is not automatically downloaded nor a natural understanding of how to look after these bodies or operate them !!!

Body awareness is not gifted to everyone,

  • a genuine knowledge of what each joint range is,

  • how to breathe

  • how to take care of our bodies to operate at our best,

  • how to prevent injury,

  • how to deal with recovering from an injury,

  • how to feed and nurture your specific body............ its a lifetime journey.

And we know now that our minds are our bodies and our bodies are our minds.........say it again, slowly.

so let me make this easier for you -

This is the BEST place to start!

This is what i teach all of my clients BEFORE we start any type of training

If you are new to exercising or the concept of......

If you are recovering from an injury

if you just had a baby

if you want to engage in martial arts

if you sit to a computer all day

if you have never actually been taught how to breathe, how to engage your stomach muscles, then this BASIC CORE will walk you through everything you need to know to develop a strong stable foundation to ALL movement.

This video explains in detail, such pilates exercises as

  • Clocking

  • Bent Knee Fall Out

  • Heel Slides

  • Femur Arcs

  • Toe Dipping

  • Quadruped

  • How to lift your head without your neck hurting !

A full explanation of the difference between Neutral Spine and Flat Back - Did you know most pilates exercises are done in Flat Back?

I explain how to find it and know when you are losing it.....I teach you how to be your own trainer

Join me for over an hour of instructional video as i teach Natalie for the first time from beginner to intermediate pilates based progressions.

As a bonus i have included a follow along classes

Ten Minute Tummy Level 1 that you can use at home or on the go a couple of times a week

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BASIC CORE - Everything you need to know  !!
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