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Pilates Extra : Variations on the Move

Creating a New Practise based on the Original Work
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Variations on the Pilates Mat Repertoire
Creating a New Practise based on the Original Work
What to look out for in the mover
How to be creative with choreography



In this course you'll find variations of every move of the Pilates Mat repertoire plus a few more that you can put straight into your classes.

After we’ve been teaching a while, we often get stuck and find ourselves lacking inspiration for our classes. This course provides you with that, with new motivation and ignites your creative spark. We briefly go through the original choreography before getting creative and moving in a multitude of ways with many variations as well as considering the breath pattern. Pilates is an excellent way to move, and move with awareness. The method has stood the test of time and with this course we bring in some modern day 3D thinking and combine his method with the now.

  • Who this course is for:

  • All Pilates Mat trained instructors whatever level or experience.

  • Pilates teachers looking for ideas to inspire their clients

  • What you'll receive

  • 45 videos over 2 ½ hours of variations.

  • PDF manual of the variations plus over 1 hour of audio presentation.

  • Tips for the basic choreography

  • Inspiration to be creative with the movement

  • Variations for each move

  • A "What to look for in the mover" page fro each move

  • Fun with movement..

Come with me on a journey through the repertoire and learn how to add extra to challenge coordination, physicality and the mind. It is often a challenge to do a move different from what we learnt, I invite you to try. Thanks

Pilates Extra : Variations on the Move
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