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Pilates Comprehensive Course (from a Pilates Instructor)

Easy to Learn Pilates Exercises from an expert Pilates instructor! Gain good posture and tone up your body
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What do Lady Gaga, Madonna, Cameron Diaz and Tiger Woods have in common? Pilates!

In this simple course divided into easy to follow 8 week increments (lifetime access)  for all levels, you will learn:

  • Pilates breathing techniques

  • Proper body movement

  • How to train your core muscles

  • Good posture

  • Pilates exercises to promote health

Instructor Chika learned Pilates at the University of Nevada, and has taught Pilates in 5 countries over the last 13 years, and has helped students from 11 to 80 years old:

  • Knee pain

  • Back pain & Sciatica Nerve Pain

  • Stiff shoulders

  • Poor posture

  • Toned body

Pilates Comprehensive Course (from a Pilates Instructor)
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