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Be a Musician Through Piano Improvisation. Basics - 24 keys.

Feel the freedom and joy of making your own music! A quick, easy method, giving a solid foundation. Tried and tested!
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IMPROVISE THEIR OWN MUSIC on the piano or keyboard, in all 24 musical keys.
WRITE SONGS easily - using what they have learned through the improvisations
KNOW each of the 24 musical keys inside out, they will have become your “friends” - you can take with you wherever you go.
USE THIS METHOD as a sort of musical “shorthand" wherever there is a piano-keyboard around - quickly and easily.

Enjoy the freedom of making music through:

  • Improvising.
  • Songwriting.
  • You can but you DON"T HAVE TO read music.
  • Very little study needed.
  • Its easy: A sort of "musical shorthand".
  • A technically solid musical foundation. At the same time as having creative fun you will also be learning thoroughly the nuts and bolts of music: using, what I call, the ENGINE of music: the different keys, (music's "coloring box"). With this solid, theoretical ground beneath you, you can grow as a musician in any direction, as far as you wish: classical, jazz, rock 'n roll, you name it...
  • For beginners and advanced musicians. There are even developed pianists who don't know how to improvise ... widen your horizons - welcome to my course.
  • Of the 24 keys, you can learn as many or as few as you like.
  • How the Course is structured:

I use, what I call a "4 Step Routine". This same routine is applied to each key.

Each section covers one key and is divided into 4 lectures, (the 4 steps):

  1. The main part: scales, chords, and the first improvisation - in video form.
  2. Step 1 in text and diagram form.
  3. Improvising melody only, over a recording of my guitar backing.
  4. A simple song you play and sing along with me on video.

This same format is used for each key: (section).

Be a Musician Through Piano Improvisation. Basics - 24 keys.
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