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PianoFox - Master the Piano | From Beginner to Pro

Master beginning piano the SMART way with a new and easy, step-by-step series of fun and engaging lessons
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How to play the piano and establish your own style
Play over a dozen songs by practice and memory
Understand and apply music theory
Learn names of all piano notes and keys and find them instantly on the piano
Master correct piano posture and finger position
Understand the musical alphabet and apply it to their piano playing
Use proper form and technique while playing
Master over a dozen finger exercises to improve finger dexterity
Apply professional tips and tricks to their own playing
Memorize basic songs
Identify basic chords, octaves, and duets
Identify sharps and flats using the black keys
Create and maintain a daily schedule for practicing and instant piano progression
Know how to stay focused and motivated, even when piano gets boring or difficult
Love piano and have fun, and want to learn more!

***SAVE over $100 now! Join over 1,800 students in one of the best and easiest piano courses online. Master the piano from beginner to pro! 

Let's face it! EVERYONE has to start somewhere. You can't play the piano without lots of time and practice, but PianoFox can change that! With easy to use lessons, PianoFox can help play like a pro in weeks! Have you ever wanted to just sit down and play piano like the pros? Now you can!  

Piano is the same way. Learning how to play the piano will take lots of time and practice just like everything else, but the end goal will TOTALLY be worth it! There are MANY benefits of learning the piano:

  • Increased memory and cognitive abilities
  • Improved sense of health
  • Better outlook on life
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Get better grades in school

Why PianoFox?
With over four hours of video lessons and dozens of printable downloads, PianoFox is the beginning of a series of courses that are specially designed to take the absolute beginning pianist to an advanced pianist in the shortest time possible with the best results. This course is Level 1, and will cover the absolute basics of piano and keyboard.

PianoFox will take you through the first two years of piano ten times faster and ten times cheaper than traditional private piano lessons! It takes the average piano student two years to learn the basics - that's about $2,000 worth of piano lessons! This course can be completed in just weeks for only a tenth of the price yet yield the same results (or better).

How does it work?
The trick to mastering the piano (and pretty much anything) is to start with the BASICS. The PianoFox method is designed to help students master the basics FIRST before moving on to more technical piano. This will enable students to become fully confident in their skills before taking it to the next level. This will allow students to play with more quality and perfection and prevent them from rushing through the piano process.

Am I too old to start playing piano?
NO! There's never been a better time to start learning the piano and with PianoFox, you can start today. All you need is a little practice and patience, and you'll be playing piano like a pro in no time...even if you've never played before!

Will my child be interested in this course? (parents)
My course is specifically designed to be easy and fun - that's the PianoFox method. It's a great course for children and adults. Kids especially love my style of teaching.

Join the PianoFox club today and let's get started!


PianoFox - Master the Piano | From Beginner to Pro
$ 189.99
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