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Piano for Adults with NO Talent

Learn Piano Even if You Have Failed in the Past.
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How to play piano
Learn Basic; Sheet Music, Finger Exercises, Chords, Ear Training, Composition
Learn to have fun with Piano

Many are drawn towards playing the piano. It is an amazing instrument that sounds beautiful and seems to fit in at almost every setting. Some of us have tried to learn though and have failed, while others have never tried because they don't have enough musical talent.

  Throughout the years I have taught hundreds of students and have found that anyone can learn if they are given the right knowledge, tools, and direction.

  In this course we break down learning the piano into 6 different parts. You may find that you need to focus on one or more of these parts to get the success that you want. The parts are:

  1. Music Knowledge = this is how all music fits together. Not just sheet music and notes on the keyboard but all instruments and music.

  2. Finger Exercises = It doesn't matter how much music you may know or how well you can read sheet music, if your fingers can't play it then it doesn't matter. Finger exercises help build up muscle memory.

  3. Rhythm and Patterns = rhythm is the basis of much of music. Understanding and practicing basic rhythms and patterns without worrying about notes and sheet music will help you focus on this exclusively

  4. Sheet Music = It's great to be able to play music but sometimes we want to just read some music and play it. Sheet music allows others to easily show you what to play and to play along with others..

  5. Ear Training = There are times that you just need to know if you are hearing things correctly. This is a skill that we can work on in our Ear training section

  6. Composing = From the first day to the last day that you are learning music we put a little piece of ourselves into it. Learning to  write basic music allows us to better influence any music that we play.

This class will bring new piano players to a "Launch Point" where they can spread there wings and learn more specific things for their musical journey. Whether that be;

  • Classical Music

  • Rock Band Keyboardist

  • Church pianist

  • or just Playing for Yourself

Piano for Adults with NO Talent
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