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Piano With Willie: Blues n' Boogie Vol. 1

Learn Blues n' Boogie piano and unlock your piano potential today!
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Learn how to practically apply these techniques to quickly use them in your playing
Gain a deeper understanding of chords and their usage
Learn techniques that the pro’s use to make their playing sound professional
Learn music theory and how to use it in your playing
Learn how to visualize the keyboard making you a more accurate player
Improve your technique, speed and dexterity at your instrument
Apply these techniques to piano, keyboard or organ
Analyze and solve music theory and chord progressions

Want to learn the basics of Blues & Boogie piano playing?

This course is the place to start!

Piano With Willie offers lessons to all skill levels of piano players. I use the Foundational / Fundational approach when creating my lessons. Each one builds upon your technique and polishes your skills at the piano. I’ll teach you the “basic” shuffle groove and show you some licks to play over it. Other topics included in this course are:

  • Sliding and crushing notes

  • Neighbor chords and suspensions

  • scales and chords used over the blues form

  • grooves and licks

Here's what one of my students had to say:

"Willie Myette is a brilliant teacher! Ask any question about your piano playing and you can be confident that he has the knowledge and experience to sort out your problem.

His videos are chock-full of great stuff taking you through your chosen lesson step by patient step, and the group coaching sessions give you even more insight into the mysteries of, in my case, jazz piano.

I've been learning with him for just two months and I can't believe I'm hearing the sounds that are coming out of my piano now - and it's me playing it!

Thank you so much Willie!"


I'll see you inside the course!


Piano With Willie: Blues n' Boogie Vol. 1
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