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Piano Technique Exercises Vol.2

Develop independent and strong fingers, control your sound and improve your dynamics
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Play with more control and independence.
Get stronger fingers without stressing them.
Improve your piano position and technique just after start practicing these exercises.

Are you a piano student?

Do you want to get your fingers stronger, improving your sound?

Do you want to play with better dinamics?

Any pianist should develop a good piano technique, sometimes we focus in playing our favorite pieces and we start struggling with technique issues and sometimes we even start strugling with tension and injuries. 

In this course which is the number 2 in the Piano Technique Series you will find very useful exercises that will make you play better, get stronger fingers, control your sound and get prepared to play more difficult pieces because you have developed the necessary skills.

Thsi course has:

  • 100% video tutorials where the instructor shows you how to play each exercise.

  • Tips on how to improve your piano practice when you practice them.

  • A discussion forum where you can ask the instructor about your piano practice and the course so you will not be alone in your journey.

This course has more than 800 students already enrolled in this course, it has been rated with an average of 4.59 stars from 5 possible in Udemy, this is what students are saying anout the course in their reviews:

  • "Knowledgeable, applicable,, exercises are great. Simple, straight forward easy to understand teaching. Anyone who is serious or even the novice piano player will enjoy and greatly benefit from Ms Ilozoya guidance in her videos. Thank you for furthering my understanding and helping to develop my piano playing." (5 stars)

Join this course today and improve your piano playing enhancing your technique.

Piano Technique Exercises Vol.2
$ 49.99
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