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Piano Runs & Fills #2: Play Rolling Cascading Runs for Intro

Play Piano Runs by Ear: Master triplets to create Cascading Runs on the piano or keyboard. You will sound like a Pro!
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PLAY By EAR when playing these 36 note runs
PLAY 36 note runs without the need of score sheet
PLAY these cascading runs creatively by putting the 36 notes in groups
ROLL their fingers easily in playing the triplets to come down
CREATE dreamy feel in this rolling cascading runs
MAKE interesting melodic variations to lead to the next chord
COORDINATE with both hands easily when playing the 1625 Bass line
USE Augmented chord in place of the Dominant 7 Chord
PLAY this cascading runs for introduction to any songs in C Key
EASILY mesmerize the audience with this fun playful run

Piano Runs & Fills:  Play Rolling Cascading Runs for Introduction of Songs

Do you often wonder what chord progressions musicians use when they perform at the beginning of their song?

Many musicians love to play the 1625 Chord progression for the introduction of their songs.  They create a dreamy atmosphere for the audience to flavor as they listen to the performance.

Many piano players are frustrated when it comes to playing runs, especially when they see that there are lots of notes going up or coming down.  They will be forever counting where the notes are and how to keep up with the rhythm?

Do you know that there is a MUCH easier way to play runs?

You do not need to spend all your time counting the notes and tapping the beat to see if you are playing in the rhythm.

Here's the SECRET of this course:  You are going to learn how to play 36 notes beautifully in this rolling cascading run without the need to practice for days to get your notes correct.

What you need is to learn a NEW way of thinking when you play Runs!

1.  Learn to see notes in groups.

2.  Learn to put the notes in triplets to create a group.

In this course, you will learn the following piano techniques:

1.  Piano Technique 1: Play Triplets for each beat

2.  Piano Technique 2: Play runs in Rhythm

3.  Piano Technique 3:  Keep the Sustain pedal on

4.  Piano Technique 4:  Use Color Chord Augmented +5 for the dominant chord

5.  Piano Technique 5:  Left hand plays the 1625 Bass line with variation

Follow my 3 Piano Tips:

Piano Tip 1: Use Triplets to create the Rolling Effect

Piano Tip 2: Do not count 36 notes but THINK in Groups

Piano Tip 3: Put the weight on the pinkie when you come down on the triplet

You will learn easy right hand techniques to create flowing beautiful runs without hesitation.

Once you coordinate both Left hand & Right hand in a well coordinated manner, you will be putting these 1625 Rolling Cascading Runs to any songs you with in C Key.

There are 8 Piano Demos and 8 Piano Practices for you to play along!

Come on in and enroll in this course!

Let's have some fun together,



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Piano Runs & Fills #2: Play Rolling Cascading Runs for Intro
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