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Piano Rhythms Vol.1: Rock´n Roll

Learning piano accompaniments
Course from Udemy
 1244 students enrolled
In this course you will learn how to play 5 piano Rock´n Roll compings (accompaniments)
You will learn how to start playing accompaniments at the piano, understanding the correct process, how to study.
You will be able to practice using the downloadable drum backing tracks that this course includes.

 Do you like Rock´n Roll?

Do you want to learn to play piano accompaniments?

If you answer is yes, this course is for you!!

This course is dedicated to those piano students that want to learn to play piano rhythms, this course is the number 1 in the Piano Rhythms Series and is dedicated to Rock´n Roll.

  In this course you will learn how to play 5 piano compings, this course  has:

  • Video tutorials where you can watch the instructor playing each comping and giving you advices at the moment so you can take the most of your practice.

  • Downloadable PDF so you can practice offline.

  • Downloadable drums backing tracks, so you can practice these compings while you play along with the drums.

  • Theorical explanations of how and what you need to play.

This course has 1200 students already enrolled, it has been rated with an average of 4 stars from 5 possible in Udemy, this is what students are saying about the course in their reviews:

  •  "Great for beginners to start jamming " (5 stars)

  • "This is an awesome course. Beautifully demonstrated. Thank you. " (5 stars)

Enroll in this course and start playing Rock´n Roll today!

Remember that you can ask the instructor questions about the course and how you can really get the most of it, so you are not alone in this musical  journey.

Piano Rhythms Vol.1: Rock´n Roll
$ 69.99
per course
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