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Playing Piano : Reading and Playing Classical Tunes Vol.I

Learn how to read music and play piano since day 1.
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Learn an easy to follow routine to develop a good hand position and stronger fingers.
You would be able to start playing piano reading treble and bass clef.
Understand how to develop an efficient study routine.
You would understand how piano lessons are developed and what do you must consider if you want to take private lessons or attend a music academy.

Do you want to learn to play piano reading the notes?

Do you want to practice Treble clef and Bass clef?

Do you want to receive tips on how to improve your piano practice?

This course is for you!! It has been developed to start with those first steps at the piano.

This course has:

  • 100% video tutoriales where the exercises are being explained.

  • Tips on how to improve and take the most of your piano practice.

  • Basic technique exercises so you can start with the best practices.

  • Theorical explanations about the exercises.

Because developing a good position is necessary to have the proper piano technique, this course will show a very easy routine in order to make your fingers become stronger and without any stress, preventing injuries.

This course has been specially designed to those people that are considering to take piano lessons.

What makes the learning experience a success? You will know important considerations that will make you start your piano lessons successfully and prevent you from quiting

Learn how to develop a good study routine in order to make your daily session a satisfactory experience.
We will analyze how to decide between a music academy or a private teacher, we will take a quick overview to the online lessons delivery service .

Join this course and learn how to take the most of your piano experience while you start reading notes since day 1

Enroll in this course today!

Playing Piano : Reading and Playing Classical Tunes Vol.I
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